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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in liive_f0r_wav3z's LiveJournal:

Monday, March 28th, 2005
3|28|05 * 11am
cOurt ! i hOppe you like yer layout .
 but itz still staying like that , the " 0ld " eljayz'
ill try t0 fiix it i love you so much girlie wirlie !
=p <3 !
&;_*i lOve c0urtney -->

Current Mood: cheerful
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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
3|23|05 * 5pm
Reneee's Entry!! *
heyy ray! haha i could not forget bout u! since i didnt have room on my profile i have a very special entrie 4 U! haha thankz 4 alwayz bein there! ur soo much funn 2 hang w/! the beach was a lot of funn! there were some hott guyz! "fuck u we're 13" lol.. im actually 14 but itz ok haha.. lol .. well luv ya lotz!


((heyy co//leen, dont worry bout it teachers r assez . kk luv ya ! ))

((heyy kay! thankz 4 makin the shirtz there soo kute!Im now kinda excited 4 field day.. haha we re all gunna look sooo kute! luv ya !))

I luv all muh gurlzz!

Current Mood: ||.tired.||
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
3|22|05 * 6pm
heyy ! 2day was sooo boring! I had a lot of make up crap 2 doo.. n in gym me, lil, n sandra were talkin 2 mr fitten soo ms fowles made us runn 2 lapz 4 bein "off task" lol.. it was colleen'z birthday 2day! BIG 14! I luv ya colleen! o n Me Calli Mia n Jess got 1st in the 4 by 1 relay in our track meet.. we did good but we didnt get 2 finalz.. but i made it in long jump.. even though i suck and it was my second time ever doin it.. but n e wayz.. I cant wait till spring break.. itz gunna be AWSOME my dadd'z comin' down from Ohio! im gunna be at the beach wit my gurlz everyday.. i have 2 meet some hott guyz haha... -- field day is gunna suck asss! im on the "orange team" itz my homeroom n the home ec class.. o yes.. haha we'll be awsome..cough cough* .lol. Kayla made all of us shirtz 4 field day w/ "gangster nicknames" lol .. well n e wayz .. im gunna go i luv all of u guyz!

Xo- Courtney


Current Mood: hyper!-->
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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
3|20|05 * 7pm
Best weekend!*
Heyy! this weekend was the best! on thursday i really didnt feeel good so i went 2 Baileyz cuz she was sick 2 and Kayla and Sandra came too! It was funn.. then Fri. me:kayla:bailey:lacey:colleen:renee:chris:kevo:n chris's brother went 2 the moviez @ 12 : 3o in the mornin.. haha then me n mah gurlz went 2 the beach n saw some hott guyz! n lace n i played v ball most the time and i got 2 play w/ this really hott guy.. he had the nicest body!.. then we all spent the night at laceys .. and watched 13 goin on 30.. then on Sat. me:lace:kayla:n Sandra went 2 the beach again.. n this hott kid came n sat at our table when we were eatin and asked us what we were doin 2night n if he was too old 4 us haha he was very veryy hott.. his name was Andy....then 2dayz my brotherz bday and it waz pretty damn boring.. we have a track meet 2 morro and im sooo nervous in the itz me : calli: jess: n mia in the 4 by 1 and calli is first and im last sooo we have sooo much pressure! im soo scared!but n e wayz ill ttul! i luv all of u guyz!! wish me luck! muah! 8)

Xo- Court

I <3 mah gurlz!

Current Mood: nervouss as ever..!
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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
3|17|05 * 5pm
ii lOove cOurtney !! --
dizs iis courtz new elJay .
add her muhh- fuCkaaz !!
ii lOve yOu cOurt ! =)

Current Mood: <-- sandra
3 got more BoUnCe in california
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